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Zenith AeroTech Delivers Two Tethered Aerial Vehicles to Federal Law Enforcement Agency

By on August 10, 2022 0

AFTON, Virginia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zenith AeroTech, a leader in heavy-duty tethered aerial vehicles (TAVs), today announced that the company has completed the delivery of two Quad 8 TAVs to a federal law enforcement agency for use in as a command surveillance solution during emergency response missions.

Each Quad 8 was designed to meet the customer’s need for a long-lasting aerial platform capable of carrying electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) video cameras, a communication relay system and aerial light panels to high intensity, all at the same time.

“The customer wanted a surveillance capability to help secure their area of ​​operations during emergency response,” said Kutlay Kaya, president of Zenith AeroTech. “And unlike regular untethered drones, our TAVs can stay aloft for days while carrying a variety of payloads.”

The Quad 8 can lift up to 20 pounds of customer defined payloads. That’s more than enough to carry a long-range EO/IR camera, a comms relay, and two weatherproof 17,000 lumen LED panels.

“These high-powered lights are ground-controlled for intensity and on/off functions,” said Doganc Kucuk, lead designer for Zenith AeroTech. “And when they’re activated, it becomes like field day.”

Hovering at altitudes of 200 to 400 feet, the Quad 8 TAV draws power from the Ground Power Unit (GPU), which converts AC voltage to high voltage DC power for the TAV and its payloads. The GPU also runs an automated management system designed to work even in adverse weather conditions.

“This smart tether system allows the operator to fully focus on the mission, which ultimately is the most important thing,” Kaya said.

Zenith AeroTech has recently collaborated with universities, military organizations and major communications vendors. Company officials believe that the market for such systems will grow rapidly as more end-user applications are developed and successfully implemented.

About Zenith AeroTech

Founded in 2018 and based in Afton, Virginia, Zenith AeroTech is a leader in the tethered aerial vehicle (TAV) industry. We leverage our vast experience in mechanical design, power electronics, software development, prototyping and project management to provide our customers with highly customizable aerial solutions. Our markets include emergency services, law enforcement, industry and defence. Learn more about Zenith AeroTech here: https://zenithaerotech.com/