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These South Dakota college athletes who have NIL offers

By on August 16, 2022 0

It’s been just over a year since college athletes have had the opportunity to capitalize on their own name, image and likeness, and many across South Dakota State and the University of South Dakota have taken advantage of it. .

Former Coyote volleyball player Brooklyn Bollweg was the first, and dozens followed. According to the schools, the USD has over 100 athletes with some form of draft or NIL contract. The SDSU yields around 50.

Here’s a sampling of some of the Jackrabbits and Coyotes taking advantage of the new rules. Note: This is not a complete list, as data on athletes with NIL offers has not been released by universities.

South Dakota State Athletes and Their NIL Bids

Tucker Kraft, football, junior, Cubbys Sports Bar, others

Zeke Mayo, Basketball, Sophomore, Custom Merchandise Store

Matt Mims, basketball, junior, custom merchandise store

Luke Appel, basketball, senior, custom merchandise store

Mark Gronowski, football, junior, Applebees

Isaiah Davis, football, junior, Applebees

From left, former SDSU basketball player Baylor Scheierman, football player Isaiah Davis, basketball player Doug Wilson and football player Mark Gronowski filmed an Applebees commercial which was posted on Instagram.

Canyon Bauer, football, junior, Bauer’s Elite Training Academy

Myah Selland, basketball, senior, nonprofit HerTurn

Tori Nelson, basketball, senior, nonprofit HerTurn

SDSU football player Canyon Bauer has his own training academy where he helps young football players learn the skills of the game.

Tanner Sloan, wrestling, custom merchandise store

Jadyn Makovicka, volleyball, senior, GummiShot and Honey Stinger energy products

South Dakota State Special Football Teams Players, Every Kick Counts Fundraiser

The University of South Dakota and their NIL offerings

Brooklyn Bollweg, volleyball (no longer with the team), senior: Silverstar Car Wash (social media advertising)

Carson Camp, soccer, sophomore: Soccer Skills Camps with United Sports Academy, Firefly recovery (agreement unknown), Pizza Ranch (agreement unknown)

Aimee Adams, Volleyball, Senior: Celsius (Social Media Ambassador)

American volleyball player Kynlee Marquez is a Bubbl'r brand ambassador.

Kynlee Marquez, Softball, Sophomore: Bubbl’r (Social Media Ambassador), Pitching Lessons (Personal)

Lexie Wood, Soccer, Senior: Celsius (Social Media Ambassador)

Madison Harms, volleyball, senior: Bubbl’r (social media ambassador)