The first pro baseball player talks about his accomplishments

By on March 7, 2022 0

By Carlena Knight

Antiguan baseball player Ovis Porter said it was “a dream come true” for him when he learned he was signed to the United States Minor Baseball League.

Porter, who represented Antigua and Barbuda in the Little League tournament in 2017, was signed with the Boston Red Sox last week, and while speaking briefly on the Good Morning JoJo Sports Friday, added that he will now “focus on improving his game”.

He also encouraged young people to pursue their dreams no matter the sacrifices.

Former President of the Antigua and Barbuda Little League Baseball Association (ABLLBA), Jermaine Lewis, also shared that she was thrilled when she first heard the news.

“I was shocked. I knew he was doing exceptionally well, but I was really, really shocked that this was actually happening. If you remember, we had a former Chicago Cubs pitcher here and he came and he helped Ovis, and now is where he’s called to turn pro,” Lewis said.

With this new stint in the minor leagues, Porter’s agent Alex Isaac-Quallis says he will have a difficult transition.

“It’s a complex system. He’s going to have a lot of training to do, a lot of development, a lot of time to get used to the things that are going on around him. It’s a good start, but it’s only the start. There’s so much more to do in between, and that’s where most of the challenges start for him, but I’m extremely proud that he’s made it this far and been recognized,” Isaac said. -Qualis.

Isaac-Quallis, CEO of 340 Sports Management, said Ovis’ mindset will now have to be focused on his career path and preparing both on and off the pitch as he will have to travel to several states and adapt to culture change. , while still having to perform at a certain level to impress the right people.