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Photo by Jimmy Lafakis/ The herald
Jared Sermersheim, who graduated from Jasper in 2017, is focused on keeping a stable balance and helping the Dubois County Bombers heading into the playoffs.

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HUNTINGBURG – As youngster Jared Sermersheim developed his love for baseball, he found himself dazzled within the historic confines of League Stadium. He wanted to emulate the cadences and manners of the Dubois County Bombers on the baseball field.

Now he’s seizing that chance as he patrols the outfield for the Bombers.

“Coming to Bombers games and seeing these guys, you kind of idolize them,” Sermersheim said. “Now you see the kids coming into the field and wanting autographs and stuff. For us, we take this for granted. Growing up here and being that little kid at one point, it kind of allows you to connect more with the other little kids that come to the games. They want to be like you when they grow up, which is a really nice compliment.

After graduating from Jasper High School in 2017, Sermersheim continued his baseball career at the University of Vincennes. Now he plays at West Virginia Tech in Beckley, West Virginia.

Sermersheim grew up to appreciate the environment, but that still maintains the competitiveness he demonstrated at Jasper and Vincennes.

“I’m laid back and don’t like to go too high or too low, but I really enjoy competing,” Sermersheim said. “I am a very competitive person. It’s pretty fun to find the mix and find the balance there.

He finds balance in learning and teaching. Always ready to look for a pointer or two from a teammate, Sermersheim relished the opportunities to chat with his teammates and coaches.

He’s a true student of the game, and these lessons keep him on the ground.

“If you’re hot or if you’re cold, no one really despises you or thinks, ‘Oh, he’s so good,'” Sermersheim said. “Everyone’s like, ‘We’re all here, we’re all on the same stage. Let’s do what we can, improve and learn from each other.

Bombers coach Travis LaMar highlighted Sermersheim’s ability to cover the field through the outfield. Sermersheim is comfortable playing all three outfield positions.

“He’s a solid outfielder,” said LaMar. “He will defend his position. He’s going to get some bullets. He’s going to make coins. He’s just a good, solid and versatile player.

He knows the intricacies of League Stadium and has become accustomed to every nook and cranny of the park.

“It’s always good when you can get these guys back,” said LaMar. “They can get into familiar surroundings and find a certain level of comfort there, especially when it comes to a development league. Our goal is to improve these guys when they go back to school. Being able to do this from your own garden will help her exponentially. “

Sermersheim specializes in sports management. He has aspirations of coaching or working in a front office one day. His cerebral approaches to class and diamond helped him find his way.

“It’s something that I love,” Sermersheim said of his major. “It makes things a little easier than having to do something that isn’t always interesting. It’s much easier to get up and go to class after getting home late on a bus trip if it’s something you really care about and find interesting.

West Virginia opened up a whole new world for Sermersheim. He loves the natural beauty of the outdoors and will always enjoy his long hikes in the mountains.

“I love to be outside, explore and see new things,” Sermersheim said. “I’ve never lived in a place where there are a bunch of mountains and stuff like that. It’s cool to go out and see that. We don’t have that around here.

Right now, his ultimate goal is to help the Bombers in their playoff push.

“He takes a lot of pride in it,” said LaMar. “Being able to play in front of family and friends always adds a little extra motivation to wanting to go out and do well. I don’t think there is any pressure because of it. For him to be able to play here, be successful and stay home, I feel like that must be a huge comfort.

Sermersheim remains competitive but balanced. He’ll show up to the park, put his practice swings in the cage, and do what he can to help the Bombers win. He thirsts for victory.

“I like being known as a guy who plays the game the right way, works hard at it and has fun with it,” Sermersheim said.

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