Nhamoinesu signs a partnership agreement with his former school

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Former Warriors defender Costa Nhamoinesu, through his agency Costa Sports Pro, has entered into a partnership agreement with his former school, Seke 1 High in Chitungwiza, to create an academy.

Nhamoinesu announced the development on his Facebook page, saying, “Partnership established with my old high school in the ghetto (Chitungwiza), Seke 1 high school and Costa Sports Pro.

“Linking education and football.”

Partnership set ✅ with my former high school in the ghetto (Chitungwiza)
• Seke 1 High School and Costa Sports Pro🤝

posted by Costa Nhamoinesu at Saturday 22 May 2021

The former Masvingo United man, who now plays in India, first revealed the project in 2020 after graduating with his Masters degree in Sports Management from the Johan Cruyff Institute.

He said the main goal of Costa Sports Pro is to help young people returning to Africa realize their dream of playing at the highest level.

“I wrote a business plan between sports academies and sports agencies, so it’s something to help young people in Africa and Zimbabwe because they have talent, but only a few of them can play at a higher level.

“You have to talk to them about professionalism, the requirements and what you need to do to be successful, because it’s not just about talent,” Nhamoinesu said in 2020.

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