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Find Scholarships That Spotlight Actors, Singers & Dancers | The stock market coach

By on April 19, 2021 0

For many high school and University students, the idea of ​​going on stage to sing, play or dance is completely terrifying. But if you’re one of those who enjoys theater, movement, or vocal performance, the stage may seem like a second home – and you may be considering turning your performing arts skills into a career.

Summer is a great time for performers to focus on their creative pursuits outside of school, and it’s also a great time to look for scholarships in their field. If your idea of ​​the perfect summer involves Shakespeare in the park or if your perfect college looks a lot like the movie “Pitch Perfect”, check out these scholarship possibilities.

A handful of national programs offer awards across the performing arts spectrum. No high school artist should miss the Young Arts Competition, presented by the National YoungArts Foundation.

Formerly known as the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts, the organization annually selects approximately 700 scholarship recipients in the fields of dance, music, film, theater and other creative disciplines. With awards of up to $ 10,000 and prestigious alumni like actress Viola Davis and rapper Nicki Minaj, it’s a must-have for artists in grades 10-12. You have until October 17 to apply for the 2014 scholarship cycle.

As you might expect, the Performing Arts Awards are offered by a few well-known names from the past and present. the Donna Reed Foundation, named after the Oscar-winning actress, offers scholarships in various artistic disciplines.

Past winners include actors, dancers, singers – half of them pop duo Karmin – and other musicians. Applications are currently closed, but generally open in the fall.

You might not know Irene Ryan’s name, although you probably remember her most famous character: Granny, the family matriarch from “The Beverly Hillbillies”. Although Ryan passed away in 1973, his foundation continues to provide the Acting Irene Ryan Scholarships over 40 years later.

Scholarships are awarded to outstanding performers at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, in amounts ranging from $ 500 in regional awards to $ 3,000 in national scholarships, awarded at the annual festival in April.

Singers looking for scholarships can also turn to a famous name from the past. the Mario Lanza Institute, created after the great tenor’s death in 1959, awards four annual scholarships to opera singers aged 21 to 28. You will need to apply by October 4 and attend a live audition in Philadelphia on October 13 and 14 if you are interested.

Thanks to American Harlequin Floors, dancers can now apply for scholarships much closer to home. The world is dancing is a unique scholarship competition that allows dancers to compete for $ 250 scholarships every month simply by uploading a performance video.

Two monthly winners are chosen by popular vote, and two more by a committee of judges. The July contest is now open and new contests are starting each month.

For more traditional scholarships, dancers can look to a few other programs. the Hall of Fame Dance Challenge offers scholarships of up to $ 1,000 to high school graduates who entered a Hall of Fame competition. the Monsters in motion The program offers studio and college tuition prizes to young dancers between the ages of 8 and 25.

Whether your passion for performing lies in dance, theater or voice, these scholarships, as well as any other offered by your college and department, can help you make it a diploma. Take advantage of your summer to research and apply – and break a leg!

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