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Clark Construction to Help with Hillman Elementary School Plan | News, Sports, Jobs

By on May 25, 2021 0

News Photo of Crystal Nelson Hillman Elementary School is pictured Monday on 3rd Street.

HILLMAN – After hearing from a third construction management company – Clark Construction Company – on Monday, the Hillman Community Schools Board of Education decided to hire the company to help plan a new elementary school.

District officials plan to ask voters to support a property tax in the May 2022 election to fund the construction of a new elementary school on the same property as the middle and high school.

District officials have not decided how much money they will ask taxpayers, although Superintendent Carl Seiter previously told The News that the property tax could generate $ 14.1 million.

The board heard presentations last week from Integrity Construction Services president Ed Hunt and representatives of Wolgast Corporation at Alpena.

Several council members said they came to the meeting thinking they would choose Wolgast as their district construction management company, but the council voted unanimously to go ahead with the Clark Construction Company. .

News Photo by Crystal Nelson Craig Froggett, director of business development at Clark Construction Company, speaks to the Hillman Board of Education on Monday.

Trustee Roxanne LaFleche said she thinks the representatives of Clark Construction Company are more sympathetic. Trustee Luke Sitton said representatives of Clark Construction Company seemed more sincere and believed they could keep their promises.

Board chairman Kelly Burwell said all three companies expected to start work and complete work within the same time frame. She noted that Clark Construction Company was cheaper than Wolgast Corp.

Clark Construction Company would charge the district between 5.8% and 6.9% of the primary school construction costs, while Wolgast Company would charge 2.5% of the project cost for professional services and 4.5% to 5 % for staffing.

Council members also asked Superintendent Seiter for his opinion on the construction management company.

“I think Wolgast and Clark are both geared towards the K-12 market,” Said Seiter. “Both would do a very good job. It really depends on who you trust to work for you. They are our watchdog during the construction process.

Senior Vice President Robert LaLonde said their main goal was to get the bond passed, but they also planned to deliver the promised project to voters and deliver “construction excellence.”

Vice President Gary Stellar said if the requirement passes in May 2022, it would take around 10 to 11 months to design the building. Construction would begin in June 2023, he said.

LaLonde also said they also understand the project has an image.

LaLonde said people will ask how the new school is doing and they don’t want to end up in the news or get bad press about something gone wrong.

“When we build this project in the community, we want everyone who voted for it to be proud of the project when they lead it,” he said. “We want it to be clean, we want it to be neat, we want people to know that it is quality built.”

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