What can you finance with an ecological renovation loan?

Ecologically renovate your home

Ecologically renovate your home

You can roll up your sleeves yourself or call in specialists. But whatever you choose, you can always request a renovation loan to finance your investments! Let’s see which projects you can finance with this loan.

Thanks to a renovation loan * you can renovate your home to save energy. With this type of loan, financial institutions such as Agree Bank want to encourage environmentally-friendly projects and convince families to take out a green loan by offering advantageous conditions, such as a very low interest rate.

Renovating your house while protecting the environment, that only has advantages. This way your home will become so much more pleasant and comfortable and you will save money in the long term! Moreover, your mother will give nature a hand.

There are many renovation works on your home that you can finance with an ecological renovation loan.

There are many renovation works on your home that you can finance with an ecological renovation loan.

It is not mandatory to have the work carried out by a professional: you can also use the loan to rent equipment and get started yourself.

1. Everything starts with an audit

If you are unsure of what can or should be renovated with you, you can consult a specialist. He will then perform an energy audit of your home. You can also finance this with your loan. After the audit you have a better picture of the works that can be performed and what happens best first. Then it is also easier to calculate what it will all cost.

2. Insulate your home

You may already have a good heating system, but without good insulation the benefit will remain limited. If you properly insulate your house, you can greatly reduce energy consumption. The invoices are therefore lighter!

You can use the ecological renovation loan to:

  • Insulate walls, floors and roof
  • Install double glazing or high-efficiency glass
  • Having a green roof installed: such a roof not only insulates against heat and cold, but also dampens noise, extends the life of the roof structure and… it looks very nice.

3. Install a heating system

Of course an ecological renovation loan also covers different types of heating installations:

  • The replacement of an old boiler
  • The installation of a water heating system based on solar energy
  • The connection of a heat regulation system to an existing central heating system, thanks to thermostatic radiator valves or a clock thermostat
  • The installation of a pellet stove.

4. Producing energy yourself

Finally, an ecological renovation loan also helps if you want to install a system to produce energy yourself. We are of course talking about solar panels, but that is not all! You can also install this:

  • An air / water heat pump to save energy
  • A system to produce geothermal energy
  • A system that heats water via solar energy

You can also install a home automation system that can optimize the energy consumption in your home.

So are you ready to renovate your home ecologically?