Fast cash payday loans -Looking for small instant payday loans?

Looking for small instant payday loans?

Did you know that most consumer small instant payday loans are applied online? Did you know that applying for a loan online is easy and sensible? This page gives you Everything you need to know if you want to apply for a small instant payday loan.

Nowadays, the majority of consumer loans are applied for online. Few consumers are hesitant to go to a stone bank to negotiate their own loan, and that is no wonder. Banks’ loan applications can take up to several days to process and almost all loans require collateral or personal guarantees.

Loans applied for over the internet usually take a few minutes to process and do not require any collateral or guarantees. Also, comparing loan services online is really easy and hassle free. The Internet offers a wide range of loans, with over 100 different loan services available online.

Nowadays people are in a hurry and everything needs to happen quickly. This is perhaps the biggest reason that loans are being applied for more and more online than at a regular stone bank.

Do You Compare Loans Properly?

Anyone who has applied for a loan online knows that there are dozens of loan comparison sites online. Indeed, loan comparison sites are a great help in finding the cheapest loan service. However, there are big differences between loan comparison sites, some of which are just full of ads.

Certain loan comparison sites even lie brazenly about their own activities, just to get to the headlines. There have been several recent “loan comparison” sites of this type in Finland, all of them from abroad. When comparing loans, it is worthwhile to use genuinely domestic services. 

Good Finance has been involved in hundreds of thousands of loan solutions in recent years. *

They have already had millions of visitors and the number of visitors is constantly rising. introduces all online loan services from small loans to corporate loans and provides a link to every loan service they present, so requesting loan offers is quick and easy.

It can be said that is Finland’s leading financial product comparison site.

Do I compare the interest or the cost of a loan?


Many loan services prominently state the nominal interest rate on a loan.

Unfortunately, many people also think that that nominal rate tells you whether it is a cheap or expensive loan.

Instead of looking at the nominal interest rate , you should look at the actual annual interest rate of the loan , as it reflects the actual cost of the loan.

When calculating the annual percentage rate of charge of a loan, it takes into account all the costs of the loan, such as:

  • The nominal interest rate.
  • Loan arrangement fees.
  • More invoicing.
  • Account Management Fee + other possible costs.

Here’s another example of pricing a loan:

Loan USD 5,000 , Loan term is 24 months, Annual effective interest rate 5% , Loan arrangement fee: USD 0, Account management fee 0 USD / month, Monthly installment 219 USD. You pay back $ 5,265.

Borrows for many different needs


You can apply for a loan online today for many different needs.

Until a few years ago, the online loan portfolio consisted only of instant loans and consumer loans.

Nowadays, however, things are different and you can apply for a loan online virtually any need.

The most popular loans consumers take online are mid-sized consumer loans.

Small loans account for a large share of the online loan offering, but they are not the most popular.

Demand for overdrafts has also declined slightly.

The most popular uses for loans have been:

  • Loan consolidation
  • Car / Boat / Motorcycle Purchase
  • Renovation
  • Holiday Travel
  • Home appliance breakdown
  • Organization of weddings / other celebrations

Apply for a loan sensibly

There are many ways to apply for a loan.

You can choose the first loan service to come in, or compare dozens of different loan services and their loan products.

Or you can do as tens of thousands of other Finns have already done and ask us to tender your loan.

Using our free service will make it even easier to apply for a loan.

When you submit your request for a loan offer to us, we will submit it to about 20 different banks and finance companies.

As a result, you will receive several loan offers that will give you an instant idea of ​​which one is the most sensible and cheapest loan .

As I wrote above, comparing loan costs can be challenging.

However, using our free loan tendering service, you can easily and quickly find out the actual annual interest rates for different loan services.

So, if you need a loan and want to quickly find out what is the cheapest loan for you, you might want to ask for a quote from us right away.

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