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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legendary Jump Enhanced With Correct Nutrition

Ronaldos vertcail JumpCristiano Ronaldo certainly put together some buzz in the world of sports when he made a perfect goal against his former club Manchester United in the 2013 Champions League last 16 tie.

This notable vertical jump technique has made him one of the top footballers in the world, displaying his evident optimum physical fitness. But aside from working on developing his upper body strength and increasing his leg muscle power, there’s also one essential factor that he has taken into consideration when training for vertical jump—nutrition.

Physical training is very important but it takes more than just doing the right type of workouts and exercises to see remarkable results in your jump height.

Chicken DinnerYou’ve also got to make sure that you are providing your body the right fuel so that it can meet the ultimatums of explosive energy you are putting on it.Nutrition has a big impact to Ronaldo’s exemplary vertical jump which is produced by his calves, knees, and thighs. He also produces power from his arms pushing through as he jumps, all sustained by the right kind of food. In order to get the right sustenance, you must first understand the fast-twitch muscle fiber energy requirements.

There are two different types of fibers in your muscles. They are the slow-twitch and fast-twitch. Slow-twitch muscle fibers contract slowly; subsequently they don’t generate explosive energy.

Conversely, fast-twitch muscles contract very rapidly. Their capability to produce explosive energy is due to the speed of contraction. Slow-twitch muscle fibers utilize fat, glycogen and oxygen for energy. They are very proficient and utilize little energy which makes them apt for endurance activities such as running. Fast-twitch muscle fibers primarily utilize glycogen for energy and do not depend on oxygen for energy but they use up a lot of energy and they get tired quickly.

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Upon the breakdown of glycogen, it provides energy for fast-twitch muscle fibers which creates lactic acid as a byproduct. Are you familiar with the burning feeling you get after working out too hard? It’s due to the buildup of lactic acids in the muscle. It also causes the body to slow down so it can recover.

To avert muscle burnout from lactic acid buildup, make sure your body has sufficient glycogen stores for your fast-twitch muscle fibers during and even after jump training as the body continues to burn calories for about 8 hours after workout. Generally, you need to remember to get low-glycemic carbs and consume them about an hour prior to starting your workout and again after your workout. You will also need to stock up on proteins as your muscles are made up of protein. Your body will need about 0.9 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Examples of food rich in protein are hemp seeds, edamame, and 0% plain greek yogurt. Aside from protein consumption, you may also want to enhance your explosive abilities by taking in a broad spectrum of nutrients for your fast-twitch muscle fibers. Examples of such are vitamins D, C, E and B.

The role of nutrition in vertical jump training is undeniably essential. It just cannot simply be ignored. Its partnership with proper workout and training must be given attention. Proper eating habits will take you a long way. You can go as as far as Cristiano Ronaldo’s legendary jump.

Lebron James an impressive career

Lebron James Dunking with his impressive Vertical leapLebron James is an Ohio born American basketball player who, at the age of 20, was deemed the youngest NBA player ever to win the Rookie of the Year Award. He currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

James was a participating player for the United States’ 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic basketball team- winning two gold team medals and one bronze team medal- and was a key factor in the Miami Heat’s 2012 and 2013 NBA championship victories. Another impressive NBA record for James was his ability to score 20,000 points, which was unheard of for a player as young as he (28 years old).

James abandoned the Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat for the 2010-11 season, much to the dismay of his fans. James helped the Heat win their second consecutive national title before returning to the Cavaliers in July of 2014.

Aside from his career with the NBA, James has also been labeled as a humanitarian. In 2004, he established the Lebron James Family Foundation to help needy children and single-parent families. Although the foundation contains many programs, it is most noted for the building of playgrounds in economically disadvantaged areas.

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James has been considered a top NBA player for some time now, and with good reason. Although varying factors have contributed to his past successes, he has certain special characteristics that have caused him to excel to the top of the list of current NBA favorites. A few most worthy of mention are:

  1. He is in his prime: Right now, it appears that James is at the peak of his career. With an average of 27.1 points per game for the 2013-14 season, James is a formidable foe. He fares well against his defenses, is lethal when need be, and appears to be quite unstoppable.
  2. He is a huge team player: Abandoning the Cleveland Cavaliers was the source of outrage as it seemed this was done only for personal gain. Technically, it was. However, looking at him today, it is obvious he made the right choice. It appears that now James is a much better team player and is less concerned with his individual status. During his time with the Miami Heat, it was obvious James was concerned only with personal gain and performance, proven by a rough patch between him, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. However, James then took on an entirely new perspective and started utilizing his teammates to bring them all to victory. He returned to the Cavaliers with this new attitude, and is highly valued for his “for-the-team” way of thinking.
  3. He is unstoppable: To date, no one has been able to contest James, making him virtually unstoppable. Game after game, he continuously shuts down defensive efforts. He uses his skill and size to defeat anyone’s chance of challenging his shot. With this type of efficiency, he has been considered to be nearly invincible.
  4. His impressive vertical leap: James is currently the reigning king of air time. Whereas the NBA average of a vertical leap is in the high 20’s (inches), James is able to propel his 6- foot 8-inch, 250 pound frame into the air easily, clearing an impressive 40 inches.


Yes, it seems that for now, James has it all. Several years down the road, another player may rise to fame and overshadow James. But that is the beauty of basketball. It is ever-changing and you never know what you’ll get.

Cristiano Ronaldos amazing vertical jump in Manchester

Cristiano Ronaldo has established himself as one of the top footballers in the world with an impressive vertical jump technique. He has accomplished this not only thanks to his superior ability, but through his consummate dedication to achieving peak performance through optimum physical fitness. This conditioning allows him to get the edge on his opponents. He has extra strength, an extra yard of pace and, when it comes to challenging aerially, he is able to get extra height on his jump. Ronaldo’s ability in the air is sensational and this was highlighted perfectly by his goal against his former club Manchester United in the 2013 Champions League last 16 tie.

Ronaldo’s headed goal against Manchester United was extraordinary. From an almost standing start he is able to rise high above Patrice Evra to get on the end of Di Maria’s cross. His neck muscles allow him to generate tremendous power despite there not being a great deal of pace on the cross. If you watch the goal closely you will see that there is very little hip-movement from Ronaldo. All the height from his jump is generated by his calves, knees and thighs, but perhaps the most important aspect is the power he generates from his arms pushing through as he jumps.

Normally when players are jumping for the ball, they will try to generate height by bending their knees and pushing through from the hips. Ronaldo doesn’t do this. Neither does he rely on momentum built up from a sprint. He takes maybe two or three strides to get into position before attacking the ball from a static position, but it is his upper body strength which allows him reach the heights he does. There are very few players in the world who are able to do this. It is important as well to look at the position of his lower legs when he jumps. His feet end up at a ninety degree angle from his knees and this too plays a part in being able to generate the height he does as it raises his centre of gravity. So how has Ronaldo perfected this technique? How can we train to become as aerially effective as Ronaldo?

Ronaldos sick jump in manchester

First of all it is important to develop strength in the upper body and the shoulders in particular. It is essential you have a good level of fitness and are familiar with weight training techniques before undertaking any exercise involving weights. Please ensure you have someone spotting you at all times. Bench pressing will increase the strength around the chest and upper arms, while using barbells to perform an upright military press will increase the power you are able to generate in the shoulders. When you are able to do this comfortably you can then move on to a Barbell Push Press. This is achieved by starting with your knees bent and a barbell held at chest height. Raise the barbell until your arms are straight and push through by straightening your knees.

This will not only strengthen your shoulders, but give you more powerful thighs. Another great technique for increasing the power in your legs is plyometric jumping. Simply stand on a raised platform of around one foot in height. Step off the platform and when both feet hit the ground immediately push off the ground into a jump. This will increase the elasticity of your hamstrings and strengthen your calf muscles. Gradually increase the platform height to a maximum of two feet. This is a great exercise for increasing your jump height and is very popular with athletes in the NBA.

It is possible to increase your aerial ability by developing your upper body strength combined with increasing the power in your leg muscles, but the technique is most important. Always remember to push through with your arms and raise the lower legs so they are at a ninety degree angle from the knees. With the correct dedication and technique you will soon fancy yourself in an aerial tussle against Ronaldo. Now you just have to work on your heading ability!

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